103 When It All Goes Right


This video compresses the process from retrieving scans from your iPad Pro, tidying them up, publishing, mesh creation and then using 3ds max we look at what we have ended up with. I have used all low resolution and low quality settings really just so that the process could be screen captured in a sensible amount of time. Other resolutions and quality levels just take longer to process.

If you experience problems getting the files from the iPad then it might be a case for re-syncing the scans from the scanner to the iPad.   I need to dig a bit deeper to see if the iPad can be circumvented – the BLK360 sets up it’s own wireless network, during the setup process I had to update the firmware – the instructions for which gave an IP address for the scanner – so once you have that it might be possible to browse to the hard drive.


You can start a new project on the iPad and sync the scans that are on the hard drive of the scanner ‘manually’ – you can bring a bit of order to the scan names and numbers at this stage if you wish.